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Kaiya is your always-on colleague for executive search.
Helping you to focus on the complex, by streamlining your work and tackling the tasks that slow you down.

Generative AI has never felt more human.

Your ever-present assistant, will save time and improve outcomes.

We help you to identify and meet outstanding talent, wherever & whoever they are. Kaiya is on a mission to increase the scope & reach of executive search.
All with data privacy top of mind.


Searches that show
actual intelligence

A conversation with Kaiya pinpoints the best candidates, fast. Our adaptive algorithms ensure diverse, high-scoring results from your Invenias ATS, LinkedIn and the Web.


Hey, I’m looking for a leading lady to star alongside Brad Pitt in a forthcoming movie. Ideally someone who has won an Oscar.


Certainly, let’s define the criteria for your search:

  1. Female lead actress
  2. Has worked in a leading role in previous films.
  3. Has won an Oscar.
  4. Suitable to star alongside Brad Pitt

Are there any other specific attributes or qualifications you’re looking for in this candidate? For example, any particular age range, nationality, experience or specific acting skills?


Expertise in your sector

Kaiya saves hours, through her knowledge of industries, companies, and markets. They research the Internet quickly, providing the detailed results you need.


Looks like our French partner studio has got cold feet. Using your knowledge of the film industry, analyse other European Studios we could get to partner with Paramount on this production?


Certainly, here are some notable European film studios that could potentially partner with Paramount on production:

  1. Pinewood Studios (UK): Known for being the home of the James Bond franchise and many other blockbusters. Pinewood has a strong reputation for high-quality productions.
  2. Babelsberg Studio (Germany): The oldest large-scale film studio in the world, been involved in numerous successful international productions.

Tailor your

Kaiya creates communications to your candidates and clients, so that they create an impact, in your style. Kaiya supports multiple languages and translation, so your message will land as you intend.


Kaiya, I need some help writing up my rough interview notes, this is going to the executive at paramount pictures:



Dear Paramount Pictures Executive,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to provide a summary of my recent interview with Charlize Theron regarding her potential role in “The Recruiter” alongside Brad Pitt.

Charlize expressed a strong interest in the script, particularly appreciating the emotional complexity of her character. She is keen on adding depth to her character and has made several demands to ensure authenticity and alignment with her vision for the role:

We work where you work,

Kaiya searches the same resources as your team – Invenias, LinkedIn, the internet. And, at home in Microsoft Teams or Slack, not only is the information Kaiya delivers always up-to-date, it's delivered faster, quicker and without any new interfaces to learn.


Say hi to

Kaiya is here to help you focus on the complex, by streamlining your work, and tackling the tasks that slow you down. We are on a mission to increase the scope & reach of Executive Search, whilst making the search process less discriminatory and more diverse.

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Kaiya is...

The smartest intern you’ll never meet.

Kaiya is a junior assistant who is your right-hand person, and is always learning from you. They are part of the team; a colleague who can listen and learn, supporting you with your time-consuming research and reporting tasks.

Making search more approachable.

Easy to work with. More accessible. More approachable. Kaiya is more nuanced and thoughtful, and frees up time to focus on the stuff only a human can do – building beautiful, meaningful relationships. Kaiya helps you create more time to do those things that you do best.

Always searching for the big insights.

When you’re looking for insights on big topics around sector categories, you can turn to Kaiya. Whether that’s mining & metals, digital infrastructure or real estate, work with Kaiya to look smarter and deliver faster.

Enabling you to do more, with less.

Whether we like it or not, Generative AI is the future. By integrating with Invenias, Kaiya brings a new level of generative search to the challenger firms. It’s time for the Executive Search sector to realise they can do more, with less.

A targeted product for a specialist audience.

From the focus on Executive Search, to the fact we have the best integration with Invenias and LinkedIn searches; we are a business and a product that is designed to bring efficiencies to Executive Search firms.

Broadening your search horizons.

Executive Search is extremely homogeneous – but there is a reason for this. People with little black books and little time will always default to ‘more of the same’. Kaiya expands the diversity of talent, by making the search process less discriminatory and more diverse. We are increasing the scope and reach of Executive Search.

Keeping things confidential.

Some businesses are banning Gen AI tools, because of their inability to keep data private. Kaiya was built with privacy top of mind. Utilising 'safe AI', data is protected and secure. Kaiya’s value comes in their confidentiality.

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